JSC SERIES “Push to Connect Speed Control METER OUT NPT Male”

JSC series flow control valve / speed controller for metric and inch size tube, NPT connection thread.

H.A.K. speed controller valve capable of adjusting the speed or the flow rate of compressed air. The speed controller bodies can be rotated after installation to allow for variation in piping direction.

Composite right angle flow control-out valves (pneumatic fittings – meter-out speed controllers) adjust the speed for air flow from thread to tubing.



Fluid Air, Vacuum
Operating Pressure 0~1.0 MPa
Max Pressure 1.5 MPA
Operating Temperature 5~60℃
Applicable Tube PU Polyurethane and Nylon


ModelTube O.D.ROD 1L1L2L3L4
JSC 1/8-U101/8"10-32UNF11.53.522.541.51911.5
JSC 1/8-1/8"1/8"NPT 1/8"11.5423421911.5
JSC 1/8-1/4"1/8"NPT 1/4"11.57.525441911.5
JSC 1/8-3/8"1/8"NPT 3/8"11.59.528471911.5
JSC 1/8-1/2"1/8"NPT 1/2"11.510.529.548.51911.5
JSC 5/32-U105/32"10-32UNF13.5423.742.919.213.5
JSC 5/32-1/8"5/32"NPT 1/8"13.57.525.744.919.213.5
JSC 5/32-1/4"5/32"NPT 1/4"13.59.528.247.519.213.5
JSC 5/32-3/8"5/32"NPT 3/8"13.510.529.74919.213.5
JSC 5/32-1/2"5/32"NPT 1/2"13.513.533.252.519.213.5
JSC 3/16-U103/16"10-32UNF13.59.531.55422.515
JSC 3/16-1/8"3/16"NPT 1/8"1510.53355.522.515
JSC 3/16-1/4"3/16"NPT 1/4"1513.536.55922.519
JSC 3/16-3/8"3/16"NPT 3/8"157.5356327.819
JSC 3/16-1/2"3/16"NPT 1/2"159.53765.527.819
JSC 1/4-U101/4"10-32UNF1913.541.57027.829
JSC 1/4-1/8"1/4"NPT 1/8"197.53665.529.521.5
JSC 1/4-1/4"1/4"NPT 1/4"199.538.56829.521.5
JSC 1/4-3/8"1/4"NPT 3/8"1910.539.56929.521.5
JSC 1/4-1/2"1/4"NPT 1/2"21.513.542.57229.521.5
JSC 5/16-1/8"5/16"NPT 1/8"21.513.543733023.5
JSC 5/16-1/4"5/16"NPT 1/4"21.510.544773326.5
JSC 5/16-3/8"5/16"NPT 3/8"21.513.547803326.5
JSC 5/16-1/2"5/16"NPT 1/2"23.51549823326.5
JSC 3/8-1/8"3/8"NPT 1/8"23.5
JSC 3/8-1/4"3/8"NPT 1/4"26.5
JSC 3/8-3/8"3/8"NPT 3/8"26.5
JSC 3/8-1/2"3/8"NPT 1/2"26.5
JSC 1/2-1/8"1/2"NPT 1/8"26.5
JSC 1/2-1/4"1/2"NPT 1/4"26.5
JSC 1/2-3/8"1/2"NPT 3/8"
JSC 1/2-1/2"1/2"NPT 1/2"

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JSC SERIES “Push to Connect Speed Control METER OUT NPT Male”

JSC SERIES “Push to Connect Speed Control METER OUT NPT Male”